A Melting Pot of Thoughts is home to writers of all ages and backgrounds where they come together to share their heartwarming tales that will make us laugh, cry, and appreciate the simple things in life. This is also a forum for those who simply look for stories that help reintroduce hope, bring back encouragement, and lift their spirits. As you turn the pages, you’ll find that readers and writers are like dancing partners. They dance to the sweet sound of music created by supporters and friends.

Regardless of the roles you play in this great adventure, we’re all in it together . . . in A Melting Pot of Thoughts.

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About Us

A Melting Pot of Thoughts books are collections of short stories and poems that takes readers on a journey of the many expressions of love, through the lens of Asian and other cultures. Immigrants will grapple with their new identity. Children will reminisce about mom’s homemade cooking. Parents will lose sleep over new generational gaps. Lovers will dance through the cultural lines. Friends will enjoy each other’s company over a tasty meal while discussing the heartaches, the challenges, and joys of life.

No matter where we are in our journey through life, Pho for Life will remind the readers that – in the end – love still conquers all. Its inspiring words will stir passion in their hearts and make their spirits soar.

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Amazon.com Reviews:

“A winning collaboration…resonant and authentic!”
What a revelation to discover the resonant and enlightening experiences shared in this inspirational work! “Pho for Life: A Melting Pot of Thoughts” includes contributions from a virtual “Who’s Who” of prominent and emerging talent in the fields of literature, the arts, culture, media, education, and entertainment…Asian Americans who are making their mark in our society and allowing their fresh, authentic voices to be heard. As an examination into the hearts, thoughts, and state of “Asian America” today, this anthology should be required reading in higher education syllabi and in government circles.
- Audrey Dolar Tejada

Amazon.com Reviews:

“Soup for the Soul – From an Asian perspective”
I could not put this book down once I started reading it. Being from the far East, I can related and experienced some of what the authors have wonderfully captured in words. I am recommending this book to anyone, from far East or far West, it is truly a human experiences. You don’t have to be from the far East to experience being an outsider or feeling not fitting in. Yearning for to love and to be love is a universal human experience and this book capture that well.

Please pick up a copy of the book and you too will have a hard time putting it down until you are finish. Then you want to re-read it from the start.

- ldang

Amazon.com Reviews:

“Like a real bowl of Pho… this book just warms you up!”
After getting over the hot chick on the cover..(who does not look like she eats pho) I was finally able to enjoy the meat of the book. Like a bowl of pho there are so many ingredients that captivates your senses. I was really moved by some of the stories in the book and some left me yearning for more. I left the book thinking wow..there was really nothing fake about this book… each story stirred a little something deep within. So, if you are ready to get cozy and melt from within this book is a must!!
- MasterM

Amazon.com Reviews:

“heart warming stories”
I bought this book yesterday and I love the different authors views and their stories on love and food. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is intersted in food and love, so pretty much everyone.
- tkat

Amazon.com Reviews:

“heart warming and inspirational”
I bought a copy of this book at the book launch party. The book is a great collection of short stories from a collaboration of authors. Although the book emphasizes the Asian American experience, these stories come from a variety of personal backgrounds which show that no matter where we come from and have experienced, we can all understand each other and learn more about what it means to be human.

Being a collection of short stories, it’s easy to read through anytime you want to be entertained or inspired!
- Bdkn

Miso for Life - Launching 2012

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