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A Melting Pot of Thoughts welcomes the submission of articles that take the readers on a journey to many facets of love through personal relationships, in the context of Asian cultures.

The below suggestive topics can weave in various aspects of Asian cultures (Food, customs, traditions, language, folklore, historical events, clothing, arts, and special places):

  1. Longing to love and be loved. This topic explores the universal desire to love and be loved.
  2. Meaning of love. This topic describes what love means to each person but also begins to suggest the notion of genuine, true love – of oneself or another or both to grow and become better.
  3. Love without condition? This topic looks at unconditional love – an idea that is known, but how often and where is it experienced in the context of relationship?
  4. Love and my life’s dream. This topic explores the big question “What is my purpose in life?” building upon the experience of unconditional love. There is a unique purpose for each of us based on knowing that our greatest happiness lies in becoming who we are and who we are meant to be.
  5. Love and its imitations. Is love just a feeling or – perhaps – something more? (The idea of love is a choice.)
  6. Love and Justice. How can we bring about justice in our world through love – on a larger scale of society or even among our own relationships? For example, “There is no love without forgiveness and no forgiveness without love.”
  7. One love, many expressions. This topic explains that love comes in many forms (among the Greeks, there are agape, filia, and eros, for example.) We experience love in every aspect of our lives, even in the midst of our daily activities and even in our darkest hours.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The length of articles is between 600 and 1,500 words, except for poems.
  2. All articles – unless prearranged – must be original, non-fiction, and unpublished. By submitting the stories, the submitters attest that they are the authors.
  3. Stories should be copy-edited. Drafts are not acceptable.
  4. Article should be written in the first person.
  5. Make every word counts. If a sentence does not “build the character or advance the action” then it needs to be revised or – even – omitted.
  6. Story should include dialogue and it should clearly reveal the character’s feelings about the situation. Once the story is told, the readers should get a sense of hope, a positive outlook on life, a lesson learned, regardless of what had happened to the character.
  7. Because A Melting Pot of Thoughts depends on the generosity of writers who contribute their time and talents so that their stories can be told and read, we will not pay for most – if not all – articles submitted.  A Melting Pot of Thoughts does credit the authors for their works along with their bio and photo (if provided.) We may also feature a short video clip (if provided) on the book website. Link to the author’s site is also permissible.
  8. No payment will be made unless there is a signed written contract between writers and A Melting Pot of Thoughts.
  9. All financial losses or profits belong to A Melting Pot of Thoughts
  10. Each author will get a copy of the book and may have an opportunity to purchase additional copies (wholesale) about a month before the book is released.
  11. Authors retain all copyright to their articles.
  12. A Melting Pot of Thoughts reserves the right to edit and publish the articles in format we choose such as – but not limited to – print, website, blog, and e-book.  The pages where stories printed may contain other content, including advertisements.
  13. Multiple submissions of the same article are not recommended.
  14. Articles contain racism, hate, pornography, and all offensive activities or languages will be rejected. The authors will be banned from future submission.
  15. A Melting Pot of Thoughts has the final approvals on the acceptance and publishing of stories, poems, recipes, and art works.
  16. If an article is not selected, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the writer’s writing ability. Timeliness, storyline, style, editorial requirements, and so forth, are critical factors for accepting a story.  If this is the case, A Melting Pot of Thoughts encourages the writers to continue the sending of new stories.
  17. Please be patient. It may be year(s) before you are notified that your story is selected. At that time, we’ll send you a permission to print that you’ll need to sign and return. We will never publish your story without your written consent.



The views expressed in the stories or poems rejected or accepted by A Melting Pot of Thoughts are those of the authors and contributors and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the editors, A Melting Pot of Thoughts and its sponsor(s), Thirteen Minutes Magazine, Access Group Media, Inc., and everyone else involved in the organizing and printing of the book.

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